Hello world! My name is Lauren, once upon a time just a bored boho blonde living in LA, now a wandering free spirit and foodie exploring the world. 24.

I once lived the same life year after year and felt trapped inside of it. I was at the same fashion job for 4 years and making six figures. I had an amazing boyfriend I was living with for 5 years. But something was missing… I needed to get out and explore the world! I hadn’t been anywhere or done any traveling (except Mexico, that 1/2 counts). I saved my money, quit my job, and I am free. (Plus on a side note: my boyfriend and I broke up over a year ago) These were the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. Finally I was brave enough to take the leap and leave my old life behind. I needed to feed my wanderlust free spirit that was trapped in my very “normal” life. I needed to get out and explore the world myself!

Watch me have moments of self- realization and self- discovery as I have the experience of a lifetime and meet the most interesting people along the way.

All from my iPhone. Follow me on my incredible journey as I eat and explore the world. Gypsy jet-setter on a budget open to all adventures. Tasting and traveling the world, one city at a time. You can also follow my journey on Instagram: lauren_criswell